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Wonderful administrative judgment.

Wonderful administrative judgment.
■ It is the following wonderful administrative rule:
• The successful one is the one who sees opportunities in every difficulty while the loser sees difficulties at every opportunity. The right thinking lies in looking at the bright side and does not search for a day’s accomplishment, but a general achievement. The mind can make heaven a hell and hell is a heaven.
• - Any change in your life first starts from within you in your way of thinking, which may make your life happy or unhappy.
• - Do not lose your self-confidence if others do not know your destiny, and do not give yourself up to its worth if it is overestimated by your praise.
• - An evil man must be avoided even if it is decorated with science, because the serpent is not less poisonous when she is wearing a precious jewel on her head.
• The industry of life is to have a position in this world, so that it will be a number that has a value of no zero on the north of the number.
• - It is what people despise and underestimate (the word and the idea), so an idea that did not cost its owner was behind a product or a problem that people were not aware of.
• - Be a distinguished star in your business, for excellence is a requirement for all, and not all people attain it, so for excellence to be your goal that you want to reach and not to God dear.
• - The burdens and concerns of life cannot endure a weak load, and its burdens are only raised by the patient and gigantic giants, people of high determination.

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