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Management areas

Management areas
Management is related to all life and community activities, and in fact management can be classified based on the goal of the activity (social, service or productive material), so management becomes two types:

Management of activities with a social service goal (government sector management or public administration),
Management of activities with a material productive goal (private sector management and productive business management).
The primary goal in implementing these jobs is to use the human and material capabilities in the facility to make better use and create the right atmosphere for the employment of all workers. The provision of materials to achieve production and the desired goals at the lowest costs, taking into account in this human aspect in the treatment of the human element as it is he who is performing the production, and production is not suitable without the suitability of the worker and employee, his psychological calm and collective participation among them.

An organization is often divided into three levels of administration, each with its own nature. This refers to the way in which the administrators are distributed, and the administrative division of levels in the institution usually appears at the end of the organization stage, namely:

Senior management, represented mostly by the general manager or chairman of the board of directors
Middle management and represented by department managers
Executive management Sometimes called operational management and represented by supervisors
Sound management methods require communication between these levels and dialogues. Higher departments are concerned with planning and direction. Underground departments require communication with workers to raise their competencies, continuous training, motivate them to work skillfully, and encourage them to express their views in order to improve production or improve the production process. This applies to any administration, whether it is a government department, economic institution or company. The manager takes advantage of the opinions of workers, whether through dialogue in periodic seminars or written suggestions from workers. After studying it, it can be formulated in practical steps that the work process adheres to and that everyone adheres to.

When the employee and worker feel their value and importance in the institution in which he works, and his approach to his boss and his pride in working with him, he is sincere in his work, and provides the best he can in production, whether in the service of people or customers or manufacturing the product that produces it. This personal value motivates the employee and employee to carry out his work at the best level, without being concerned with promotion or material bonus, his personal feeling of belonging to this institution is the biggest motivation for his psychological satisfaction and stability in work as well as his family balance.

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